maandag 2 januari 2012

Happy Newyear and we finally got the house.....

Happy newyear to all of you sweet lady's and men! It is way to long since I have been here.
My dad was in hospital for stem cell transplantation and it was a scary time for us. He was very sick for a while but now he is doing fine.
Our house was also going the wrong way. The previous owner was gone. Really gone. So instead of signing the papers in November, we just signed them last friday. Yes now we are owners of a house, but it took some real big stress for me. I hate stress..... We already had the keys to the house for a week and we are already cleaning now for days. The other people left almost everything behind. :(  Example.... a freezer fully loaded with ice-cream and not been on electricity for 2 years....
I've made a movie on saturday and I will upload it on youtube this week and then post it here. :)
So I am very sorry for not being around here that much lately and the next weeks it will be very busy for me also (we still have to move) but I will be back!

Hughs and kissis to everybody!