donderdag 16 februari 2012

My dad, My hero. 1948-2012

This should be a wonderfull time. We moved to our new place, got internet now after waiting 5 weeks. The snow is gone and spring is slowly showing up.... (At least I hope so) Ow and we got married....
But it is not wonderfull. My dad died monday 6-2-2012 of a heart attack. Only 63 years old.
Two years ago he got a very bad kind of Non Hodgkins. He got a lot of chemo and the cancer stopped. Last summer it came back. Again he got chemo and a stem cel transplantation. It was very heavy for his body, and he was only half the man he used to be. With the transplantation they killed the non hodgkin but because the also kill a lot of good things also, he got leukaemia. His body and we also think my dad himself had give up on getting better now. I am very sad and also angry that he died at such a young age, but I am also a little bit glad that he doesn't has to suffer anymore.
My dad was a special person. You could always laugh with him and he never jugded somebody before knowing the person. When you needed help, my dad was always there. Not only for my mom, my sister and my, but for everybody who needed help. He never complained. Even if he was so sick he never complained but always told us to laugh a bit more. Live was short...
He was so happy that we bought this house and lived just a couple of minutes away. He still had big planns and dreams, but now they will never come true anymore.
We could make a few of his wishes come true. He always joked that when he died, his last trip had to be with his pick-up. My brother in law and me did this. We picked him up for his last ride.  My little cousins and nieces painted his coffin. I know it sounds a bit weird, but for them it was a way of saying goodbey. The church was really full with people who came to say goodbey for the last time. It was beautifull to see how beloved my dad was. The funeral was beautifull, just like my dad was. We played songs of Elvis and Johnny Cash, there where a lot of soap-bubbles, and the sun was shining. We burried him in the woods on a special cemetery under a big tree. Some people where shocked the way we did it, but the people who really knew my dad, they also knew this was the way he would have wanted it. :)
Dear daddy, I miss you.
A photo of my dad in better days with his beloved pick-up and the last photo of us together on our weddingday, 27-1-2012.

Next post will be a bit more happy, just the way dad has wanted it. Keep on laughing girl!