zaterdag 26 oktober 2013

Follow me on Facebook.....

So sorry that I didn't post a new blog overhere, but I was so busy last few months.....
We did a lot of meetings, fleamarkets and ofcourse worked on our own place.
My job is also eating a lot of my time, but I am still loving it.
Only thing that goes well is my facebook. It goes very wel on my phone!
So I made a Devil made in Heaven page overthere.
If you like you can follow me overthere.
devil made in heaven
Do you have a page on facebook? Please sent it me!
xxxxx Jolanda.

donderdag 28 maart 2013

The livingroom....

This blog is for the livingroom. It is still not finished. We have to paint the walls, but still not decided wich color it is going to be.
About 15 years ago there were cows living in our room. It is a piece of the former cow-stable. I don't mind. It is now a lovely room with a lot of space. So here a few pics of our livingroom.

Starting with the gorgeous roses I've got from hubby.... Thanks hub!
I collect old glass. Our windows are pretty high and small and the glass is lovely when the sun shines through it. Only thing missing now is the sun.....
Our tiki-bar corner. Still no cocktailweather, but with the heating on.... :D I adore this little bar, and love to dress it up with vintage glasses. (I was afraid to share a behind the bar photo)
This is an old pharmacist cabinet, stuffed with some lovely 50/60/70ties pieces. I am looking for a 60ties glass cabinet to put my stuff in, but still not found one. 
Old stuff. The little car is from 1933 and I got this a few weeks ago from an old man. Thought it looked funny with the big old ship's fan.
I love this one. It was custom made for a grocery shop about 50 years ago, but they never picked it up. We bought it for the carpenters widow, because she was moving out. It has been on an attic for over 30 years. Now it is our storage space..... :)
A lovely place to watch some television. Chair is from the fifties and the smokingthingy from the 30ties.
50ties plates and a 30ties handpainted flowerpot, standing in the window.
These guys are older then I am, but still funny.

 The big table in the living room. This one is from an old resturant and the chairs are so soft. I can spent hours on this table, having dinerparty's or just reading an book.
I collect vintage camera's, and we found an old bakery's pie cabinet to put a few of them in. I still use them. Photo's are on my flickr site.
So this is a piece of our livingroom. Forgot my hanging-out sofa.... Maybe next time.
Next time I will give you a little tour in our office/craftrooms. :)
Hope you enjoyed the tour.
Hugs and kissis!

woensdag 20 maart 2013

A little view of the kitchen.

Thanks to all of you sweety's who wished me all te best with my allergy. I am still not the old me, and so I have to do some tests in the hospital. Nothing to be worried about. Maybe some sun and spring will do me good. (Still snowing overhere....)
The last weeks a lot of lovely bags and dresses arrived in the mail. And we did some vintage shopping at the retro day in Belgium. Still have to give everthing a place. If there is room.... I need more storage-space..... (hoping hubby will read this....)
But for now I will give you a little tour through our little kitchen. We would love to paint the doors of the kitchen red and put a black marble countertop on it. But that is something for the future. The bathroom is first on the list.
I love to have some flowers. Mr. Skeleton is also very happy with them. :)
I adore vintage bowls. The little basket is a French clam basket and now a potato/union basket. The scale was a present from Joni, a sweet friend.
I collect vintage Ragout crockery...... The rest of the cabinet is stuffed with it.
Our fifties ice-crusher, milk-shake maker and blender. Still have to work on that milk-shake thing. It is American and there are other powersuplies then overhere in the Netherlands, so when you plug it in it will fly away...

I used some old fruit-cases to build a temporary bookshelf. I think it looks funny. :)
I love to cook, and I love to cook with all kinds of herbs and sauces. I also have a cabinet filled with lovely smelling herbs, and now with the summer on her way a lot of them grow in the garden.
We have 4 different chairs. I like them all. Don't know, it just adds some fun in the kitchen. By the way, that whale-look-like on the table..... It is our Dodge who gave us her Lolita-photo-look.
So this is our little kitchen. Next time we will take a little walk through the living room. :)
Hope you enjoyed it.
Hugs and kissis!

zondag 24 februari 2013

Little update....

A little update, why I'm not around here lately.
It started before x-mass that I wasn't feeling that wel. Then I got the flu a few weeks ago, and it wouldn't go away. After 3 days at home, I started working again and it came back and went away. I was sneezing and coughing all day. When I came home in the evening I was so tired that I went to bed almost immediately. In the weekends when we had people over, I was holding myself up till they went home. And then I went back to bed. Last week I went to see the dokter. Something I should have done soner. It seems that I am allergic for the airco that is hanging in the workplace. There is probably a kind off bacterium or fungus in the system that my body reacts on. I am not the only one who has this problem. Now I have to take some medication and a company is coming over the check the airco..... Till now, I'm doing fine. I am still very tired and go to bed before it is childerens bedtime but slowly I am getting better. 
I hope next week I am feeling like I did before and will be able to check all of your blogs. I miss them! 
I miss you all!

zondag 27 januari 2013

Roses are red, the weekends are to short....

Hubby surprised me this morning with a big bouquet of roses. Today we are having our first wedding anniversery. :) And we are still happy together. ;)
I've stolen his facebook-profile photo. It is an old one. Made by The Pixeleye. It was at I believe Saints and Sinners in Belgium. Best part was that Ruud, a good friend of Marcel, who is normaly living in Canada sent Marcel a mail with the question if we were at a hotrod-show. We made the Hotrod-Rebelz magazine in America/Canada. :D  Don't we look cute. ;)
This weekend is way to short. So many things to do, so little time. I really go work harder to find another job, which gives me some more time to spent on other things.
On friday, hubby picked me up from my work and we went to a trift-store close to my job. I found some nice bowls and cookingbooks and I started to go to the cash desk when hubby called me back to the clothes....
There was an extreme creepy bag lying in one of the display-cabinets. I was afraid to touch it. But it was very old. Maybe 30ties.... or 20ties..... But I collect them and this was a one time chance for a very cheap price.... Meet my little crocodile-bag..... It still got his teeth and is now standing in our cabinet. :)
And yes I know it isn't nice to make a bag out of an animal, but this was a 1 time chance..... So please forgive me. I'm a big animal lover!
 That same day, hubbie showed me a photo of a hairdressers table. From the 40ties. It was standing on a sale-site in Belgium. Hubbie had made an offer long time ago and already forgot about it, when he recieved a mail from the guy. It was oke and we could pick it up. So yesterday we went to pick it up. We had to drive 2 time's because it did't fit in the car. Photo is from hubbie's facebook. I was standing in the back holding the above thingy on the table. This baby will come in our new bedroom someday..... I hope.....
Now we are going to enjoy our afternoon with sweetiepie's Kirsten and Walter. We didn't see them in a long time. (But thanks to facebook we kept in contact) We are going to have some home-made veggie canneloni and creme brulee. Yum. But your really have to check out Kirsten's page. She is really one of the most sweetest people I've ever met and she sells beautifull jewelery.
Silly Charms
Hope you will enjoy it.
Hugs and Kissis and a wonderfull day for everybody! xx

zondag 20 januari 2013

It's my party and I cry if I want to, cry if I want to...

No need to cry! I've had a lovely birthday!
The week started with snow! A lot of snow, to much snow. It was awfull to drive. It took us two and a half hour to get home from work. And we already don't have a lot of time in the evening because of our long working-days.... I was glad when it was thursday. It was my birthday! I had to work that day, and I really have some amazing colleague's. They made me a little crown and I didn't take it off till we got home. Hubby was a bit ashamed sitting next to me in the car. :) I didn't care. I was happy with my crown. 
It is not my real age..... but what doesn't know, doesn't care..... ;)
Hubby got me some real sweet presents. I love to cook and I got already some great cookbooks from him, but now I finally got A Vintage Tea Party. Such a lovely book. And he got some more fun cookbooks for me. 
I am big collecter and user of vintage photocamera's. And hubby found a lovely old tin can and sign from Agfa. It will fit perfectly in my collection. I love them. 
And I may pick some great pink plastic flamingo's for our the garden. There were to many differend kinds of flamingo's so we are going to choose together.
Because of the snow overhere I've bought myself a nice warm pair of vintage goat-hair boots. Already got a pair of black boots, but these were white and I could get them for a fair price.... So this was a nice present for myself. :) And so warm in the snow!
The party is in the summer, when we can have a lovely garden party with a bbq. Now only some good friends and family showed up saturday and it was lovely. 
On friday we went to Belgium to a guy who sells secondhand stuff. Hubby found a strange medical cabinet and I found some little girl dresses, who I couldn't leave behind..... How cute are they.....
And for now, I am going to enjoy our fire place in the living-room. It is cold and snowing outside and it feels like I am having the flu or so. But first a lovely photo of me and the doggie's this morning. Lola loves the snow and is running like hell in the snow. Flos hates it and rather stayed inside in front of the fire place, just like me. :)
Hugs and kissis!

zondag 13 januari 2013

Pink is the color of passion....

Yeah, I collored my hair and it went wrong....again....... It was red in the book and I had hubby to check it for me as he bought them for me in the city were he works. When I put it on it had a funny color already, but it could have been te light.... When I washed i,t it was dark-pink. On the photo is doesn't look that terrible, but when I step out in the bright day-light. Yeah.
Bad photo of me and my new hair. Not good in taking photo's of myself and with hubby walking the dog....
I will survive it. :)
This week was very hectic. The big pick-up broke down and we had to get it back to the garage. It all turned out oke, but I didn't get enough sleep this week. It was work, pick up, work, garage, bleh.
On friday we had a day off. Hubby's parents were married for 50 years and we went out to an open air museum to celebrate it. They break down old houses and build them up again at the park, so you can see how the people lived years ago. It was lovely. In the main building was a place with and old candy-store, barber and more. Only thing I was interested in was a gorgeous dress....
They put it behind glass...... It was so lovely....
 Other good thing was that I tested my new and some old bracelets yesterday and last week I bought my first bakalite bracelet for 50cents! We did the smelling test. Hold them under hot water and smell..... It was a yuk chemical smell.... I am so happy.
It is one lying in the front. They others are galalite and plastic. :)
Yeah a short one today. I going to have diner and walk the doggie's. Have a wonderfull week for all of you!
Hughs and kissis,