woensdag 20 maart 2013

A little view of the kitchen.

Thanks to all of you sweety's who wished me all te best with my allergy. I am still not the old me, and so I have to do some tests in the hospital. Nothing to be worried about. Maybe some sun and spring will do me good. (Still snowing overhere....)
The last weeks a lot of lovely bags and dresses arrived in the mail. And we did some vintage shopping at the retro day in Belgium. Still have to give everthing a place. If there is room.... I need more storage-space..... (hoping hubby will read this....)
But for now I will give you a little tour through our little kitchen. We would love to paint the doors of the kitchen red and put a black marble countertop on it. But that is something for the future. The bathroom is first on the list.
I love to have some flowers. Mr. Skeleton is also very happy with them. :)
I adore vintage bowls. The little basket is a French clam basket and now a potato/union basket. The scale was a present from Joni, a sweet friend.
I collect vintage Ragout crockery...... The rest of the cabinet is stuffed with it.
Our fifties ice-crusher, milk-shake maker and blender. Still have to work on that milk-shake thing. It is American and there are other powersuplies then overhere in the Netherlands, so when you plug it in it will fly away...

I used some old fruit-cases to build a temporary bookshelf. I think it looks funny. :)
I love to cook, and I love to cook with all kinds of herbs and sauces. I also have a cabinet filled with lovely smelling herbs, and now with the summer on her way a lot of them grow in the garden.
We have 4 different chairs. I like them all. Don't know, it just adds some fun in the kitchen. By the way, that whale-look-like on the table..... It is our Dodge who gave us her Lolita-photo-look.
So this is our little kitchen. Next time we will take a little walk through the living room. :)
Hope you enjoyed it.
Hugs and kissis!

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Your kitchen looks just lovely! I could imagine having a nice cuppa there. I especially love the clam basket, the bowls, the scales and the little drawer knob on the table thing they are all on!
    The fruit cases make great shelves!
    It's really very welcoming and homey.
    When I had tests to find out what I was allergic to, it turned out to be pretty much everything! I'm on drugs all year round, the best one is a nasal spray. It makes me feel normal!

    1. I have also nasal spray and it works great, but they think the fungus is gone a bit deeper into my body and now they are checking everything. I have some problems with my breathing and heart. I will be oke! :)

  2. Hi lovely, thank you so much for all your comments today. Im so sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well I hope you are better now. Your kitchen looks lovely and so inviting I would love to sit at your table and have a natter. I love the shelf you made with the fruit box's it looks really sweet. And I also love your wooden cabinet filled to the brim with your gorgeous china collection. Looking forward to seeing your living room. Take good care, dee xxxx

  3. What a gorgeous kitchen, so many pretty pieces to admire and I can just imagine sitting at that table sharing a plate of biscuits and gossiping!
    Hope you start feeling much better soon! xxx

  4. Your kitchen is so cozy and pretty. Like the idea of fruit-cases shelves.

  5. lovely kitchen!!! adding the colour red to this place will totally hit the nail.

  6. What a lovely, cozy kitchen. I could just sit down at that fab table for a cup of tea.xxx