zondag 22 mei 2011

Rock around the Vintage shop.

Busy days overhere. A company called me and made me an offer I couldn't refuse. So I have a new job. :)
Last week we had a great day at Rock around the Juxebox in Rosmalen. Just a ten minute drive from our house. People are selling their 40's', 50's and 60's stuff. New and vintage clothes. Bands are playing. Just a great day with nice weather and lovely people. It was also a big day for our new car Christian. (He's got the famous Christine front) This was his first meeting with his new owner.
I wished I had a lot of more money to spend that day. But maybe it was better that I didn't. There was so much that I liked! Best thing I found was the vintage Lomo Diana F in box. Such a sweety.
Thanks to boyfriend who made this photo from me with the Diana and Christian. (Don't watch my shoes. It was an outdoors event and you couldn't walk on the bumpy grass with high heels, I've tried it  :(  )
I also found a lovely looking vintage dress.

Yesterday we had to pick up some things for the camper and we made a stop at two stores that clean houses. They clean-up houses from people that are moving or people who died and most of the time they can take all the stuff that is left in those houses. Sometime's it is really sad to see things, such as photo-albums that nobody wants. But they also have a lot of great thingy's that I love! Boyfriend found some old 120 film that will be perfect for my Diana camera.

Some sweet looking shoes, satin and croc-leather.

A bowl and teapot for my Ragout crockery collection. 
Some vintage window thingy's for the new bedroom.
And there is a lot more, like 6 different dresses. Little problem is that I love my iphone, but the photo's are really crap. And today I am way to lazy to get my camera out of the bag. So the rest will follow later. :)
Next week will be busy as well. I have to put a lot of vintage bags, shoes, boots and the rest up for sale. It's decluttering time! So watch my Marktplaats (on the right) when you need something. :)


woensdag 11 mei 2011

To sell or not to sell....that's the question....Part one

We are going to re-decorate our bedroom and my dressroom. There are already a lot of new vintage thingy's waiting for their new spot. But our little house is already looking like a fully stuffed vintage shop, so I have to sell some things. Some things are easy to let go, some stuff will go into the storage and some things... I don't know what to do with them. To sell or not to sell... Like these 1947 sewing magazine's. I have them for a long time,but I can not sew. (I love to learn it) They are just laying around here. Best thing is that they are complete.. Here is one from the four magazine's. The others will follow later... xx