zondag 25 november 2012

A beautifull award and a smelly coat....

I got this sweet award from the gorgeous La Vie En Rose.
But I am bad at awards. I was bad at it in my former blog and still bad at it now. I am just afraid people will not accept it. So I will answer the questions and when somebody would like to have it also just scream and I will give it to you. :)
Here are te rules and I am breaking nr 3... Sorry..... :(

1) Link and follow the blogger who awarded you
2) Blog about the award
3) Give the award to five others (preferably with less than 200 followers)
4) Answer the 11 questions I've asked at the bottom of this post, and then give 11 of your own to the bloggers you've awarded!
So here are the questions that have been asked of me...
Then the questions.... 
1.) When did you start collecting vintage pieces and why?
I started collecting when I was a kid. :) I really don't know why. I was always a bit different then the rest of the kids. My first husband didn't like my vintage addiction, so I've had several pieces but didn't wear them to often. My hubby now owned his own vintage-store so he understands me and even helps me search for things. 
2.) What reactions do you get from others when you are out dressed to the nines?
It depends. Sometime's people stare at me like I am from another planet, but sometimes I get lovely comments about my dresses and that makes me smile. 
3.) Who is your favorite designer of the 40's - 60's?
Guy Laroche. I bought one gorgeous piece of him in France last year. It is to small for me, but I hope that it will fit one day. 
4.) How do you describe your style?
A mixed up. It depends on my mood and what we are doing. Sometimes when we go out with one of the cars I am 50ties style and now today I am totaly 60ties. 
5.) What type of other hobby's do you have?
I have my sweet doggie's and kittie's and my cars. I am not only driving them but also working on them by myself. (with a little bit of help from hubby.) And I love photography. 
6.) Do you have a favorite place to shop online or local?
The fleamarket and triftstores. :D Ow and marktplaats.nl a Dutch online fleamarket. :)
7.) What are your go-to vintage pieces in your wardrobe?
My big seventies bag, my seventies coat (see other blog with the pacer) and the rest really changes a lot.
8.) What is your signature lip color?
9.) What pinup or starlet are you most like or you look up to as inspiration?
Bettie Page, I just adore her. Wish I looked like her. She is so sexy and beautifull....
10.) What is your favorite perfume or fragrance?
That is an easy one. Chanel nr. 5 Once given to my by my former husband. It was the only good thing of him. The Chanel bottle. :)
11.) What beauty look from the era do you love the most? Hairstyles, moon mani, seamed stockings, etc.
I love the hairstyles from the fifties, and the dresses. I try to do the hairstyles, but I am a bit clumsy.....The dresses is no problem. I have a few original fifties and I love the new Bettie Page dresses.  Ow I have to remember to give my hair a new fresch color. :)
Thanks Lindsay. It was fun to do. I hope I did understand the questions good. 

So now about my way to gorgeous coat I've found on the internet a few weeks ago.... Again I was searching for something else and then it popped up.... Half lammy, half leather and so gorgeous and cheap, only 20 euro's for this sweety...... I have enough coats, but I've had to buy it. Finally it arrived and I went with hubby to pick it up at the post-office. I couldn't wait till we got home and started to open the package in the car. Suddenly the window at my side opened up. I looked at hubby (it was cold) and he was looking at me with an awfull face and was pushing the window button. There was such a bad smell coming out off the package.... A bit old mouldy smell and that is really not a problem. Just a few days outside and most of it is gone, but they tryed to cover it up with cheap perfume.... So it was a very cheap breathtaking mouldy smell. And that is nasty when you still have to drive home in a (on that moment) to small car. I had to wash it and now it is hanging in the back of the house.... 
 But isn't it gorgeous. :)
Today we went to a indoor fleamarket and I found a piece I wanted for ages but they were to expensive or to big for me. A 40ties cape in very good condition. And not smelly at all. :D Think I am going to wear it later this day, when we go walk the doggie's.
Yesterday I was at my sisters birthday and she had a good story... She and her hubby have 2 gorgeous girls and 2 gorgeous boys. She just bought a calender with old photo's from the place she is living. Boy nr one was looking at the photo's and said, ow auntie Jolanda is in this photo. My sister huh.. A photo from 1960 from a lady in front of her shop. Boy nr two showed up and took a quick look, hey, aunt Jolanda, yeah she is wearing the same dress as aunt Jolanda. :) My sister... yes she is wearing the same kind of clothes as aunt Jolanda does. So sweet.....
I love that outfit but no.... it is not me. :)
Have a lovely day all of you and I will pop by later.

dinsdag 13 november 2012

Just to let everybody know I am still alive.....

It is winter overhere. It is cold.... I hate cold. And because it is getting dark very early, my body wants to sleep very early. And me to. My favorite place these days is my bed. :)
No, it is not that bad... At the moment I've been very busy sorting out everthing in the attic. It is like a big vintage bomb exploded. I am selling most of it and so I've been taking photo's from every item. Really didn't know that I've had so much stuff, and it is taking a lot of time. (check my marktplaats-link) This is just a little piece of the big vintage mountain.... :(
Just to let you know I am still alive! :) Or am I not........ :s
An old photo of me and very good MoPar-friend Sjak. It was at an abandoned ghosthouse-disco.
 Sjak loves horrormovie's and heavy/death metal. He introduced me to the Rob Zombie movies House of 1000 corpses and The devils rejects. I love them. Rob Zombie is also a musician and over 3 weeks we are going to his and his band!!!!He is doing an Evil Twin Tour with Marilyn Manson. (Already seen him was he was still together with the gorgeous Dita von Teese who was with him that evening)
I am so happy! Later this week I will pop by everybody. Now I am going to eat something and being a couch-potato. :)
xxxxx have a wonderfull evening!