zondag 9 december 2012

Seems like forever....

Ow, it seems like forever since my last blog. I am sorry that I didn't pop by yours this week. :(
Last weekend was a weekend full of visits from and to sweet people, getting the house ready for christmas, workmen, who came to place a second wood stove (this is in hubby's office next to my craftroom and it is so yummie warm now) and offcourse we went to Amsterdam to see shock-rockers, Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson. I went for Rob Zombie and what a trill it was when he suddenly popped up right next to me! Almost fainted..... :)
This weekend was a nice one. We've had snow! It was so great to walk the dogs and enjoy the snow. We paid a visit to some local triftstore's and I found some lovely dresses who are in the washing machine now. Spend an evening at best friend Sjak's place, and this morning we went to a fleamarket in Belgium. Found a vintage ice-chrusher for the tikibar. :) (photos follow soon) An amazing weekend!
Also found an amazing pair of shoes on the internet... Couldn't resist them...
X-mas in the house
Catzilla destroing my kitsch village.... :s
And our garden in the snow. (I think it looks sweet but I love it more with sun and flowers.....)

Sorry that it is a short one today, but I really am a bit tyred today. I will pop by everbody later.
Big hugs and kissis! xxxx

zondag 25 november 2012

A beautifull award and a smelly coat....

I got this sweet award from the gorgeous La Vie En Rose.
But I am bad at awards. I was bad at it in my former blog and still bad at it now. I am just afraid people will not accept it. So I will answer the questions and when somebody would like to have it also just scream and I will give it to you. :)
Here are te rules and I am breaking nr 3... Sorry..... :(

1) Link and follow the blogger who awarded you
2) Blog about the award
3) Give the award to five others (preferably with less than 200 followers)
4) Answer the 11 questions I've asked at the bottom of this post, and then give 11 of your own to the bloggers you've awarded!
So here are the questions that have been asked of me...
Then the questions.... 
1.) When did you start collecting vintage pieces and why?
I started collecting when I was a kid. :) I really don't know why. I was always a bit different then the rest of the kids. My first husband didn't like my vintage addiction, so I've had several pieces but didn't wear them to often. My hubby now owned his own vintage-store so he understands me and even helps me search for things. 
2.) What reactions do you get from others when you are out dressed to the nines?
It depends. Sometime's people stare at me like I am from another planet, but sometimes I get lovely comments about my dresses and that makes me smile. 
3.) Who is your favorite designer of the 40's - 60's?
Guy Laroche. I bought one gorgeous piece of him in France last year. It is to small for me, but I hope that it will fit one day. 
4.) How do you describe your style?
A mixed up. It depends on my mood and what we are doing. Sometimes when we go out with one of the cars I am 50ties style and now today I am totaly 60ties. 
5.) What type of other hobby's do you have?
I have my sweet doggie's and kittie's and my cars. I am not only driving them but also working on them by myself. (with a little bit of help from hubby.) And I love photography. 
6.) Do you have a favorite place to shop online or local?
The fleamarket and triftstores. :D Ow and marktplaats.nl a Dutch online fleamarket. :)
7.) What are your go-to vintage pieces in your wardrobe?
My big seventies bag, my seventies coat (see other blog with the pacer) and the rest really changes a lot.
8.) What is your signature lip color?
9.) What pinup or starlet are you most like or you look up to as inspiration?
Bettie Page, I just adore her. Wish I looked like her. She is so sexy and beautifull....
10.) What is your favorite perfume or fragrance?
That is an easy one. Chanel nr. 5 Once given to my by my former husband. It was the only good thing of him. The Chanel bottle. :)
11.) What beauty look from the era do you love the most? Hairstyles, moon mani, seamed stockings, etc.
I love the hairstyles from the fifties, and the dresses. I try to do the hairstyles, but I am a bit clumsy.....The dresses is no problem. I have a few original fifties and I love the new Bettie Page dresses.  Ow I have to remember to give my hair a new fresch color. :)
Thanks Lindsay. It was fun to do. I hope I did understand the questions good. 

So now about my way to gorgeous coat I've found on the internet a few weeks ago.... Again I was searching for something else and then it popped up.... Half lammy, half leather and so gorgeous and cheap, only 20 euro's for this sweety...... I have enough coats, but I've had to buy it. Finally it arrived and I went with hubby to pick it up at the post-office. I couldn't wait till we got home and started to open the package in the car. Suddenly the window at my side opened up. I looked at hubby (it was cold) and he was looking at me with an awfull face and was pushing the window button. There was such a bad smell coming out off the package.... A bit old mouldy smell and that is really not a problem. Just a few days outside and most of it is gone, but they tryed to cover it up with cheap perfume.... So it was a very cheap breathtaking mouldy smell. And that is nasty when you still have to drive home in a (on that moment) to small car. I had to wash it and now it is hanging in the back of the house.... 
 But isn't it gorgeous. :)
Today we went to a indoor fleamarket and I found a piece I wanted for ages but they were to expensive or to big for me. A 40ties cape in very good condition. And not smelly at all. :D Think I am going to wear it later this day, when we go walk the doggie's.
Yesterday I was at my sisters birthday and she had a good story... She and her hubby have 2 gorgeous girls and 2 gorgeous boys. She just bought a calender with old photo's from the place she is living. Boy nr one was looking at the photo's and said, ow auntie Jolanda is in this photo. My sister huh.. A photo from 1960 from a lady in front of her shop. Boy nr two showed up and took a quick look, hey, aunt Jolanda, yeah she is wearing the same dress as aunt Jolanda. :) My sister... yes she is wearing the same kind of clothes as aunt Jolanda does. So sweet.....
I love that outfit but no.... it is not me. :)
Have a lovely day all of you and I will pop by later.

dinsdag 13 november 2012

Just to let everybody know I am still alive.....

It is winter overhere. It is cold.... I hate cold. And because it is getting dark very early, my body wants to sleep very early. And me to. My favorite place these days is my bed. :)
No, it is not that bad... At the moment I've been very busy sorting out everthing in the attic. It is like a big vintage bomb exploded. I am selling most of it and so I've been taking photo's from every item. Really didn't know that I've had so much stuff, and it is taking a lot of time. (check my marktplaats-link) This is just a little piece of the big vintage mountain.... :(
Just to let you know I am still alive! :) Or am I not........ :s
An old photo of me and very good MoPar-friend Sjak. It was at an abandoned ghosthouse-disco.
 Sjak loves horrormovie's and heavy/death metal. He introduced me to the Rob Zombie movies House of 1000 corpses and The devils rejects. I love them. Rob Zombie is also a musician and over 3 weeks we are going to his and his band!!!!He is doing an Evil Twin Tour with Marilyn Manson. (Already seen him was he was still together with the gorgeous Dita von Teese who was with him that evening)
I am so happy! Later this week I will pop by everybody. Now I am going to eat something and being a couch-potato. :)
xxxxx have a wonderfull evening!

dinsdag 30 oktober 2012

I have a little problem... or is it a big problem...

I am not feeling well lately. Not that I am sick, but I miss my dad more then ever. Never took the time to grief or mourn. Now I am getting help with it, and I have some lovely and great friends around me.
I will be oke soon! 
I have to stay busy to keep my mind on other things so last weekend I unpacked the last boxes since the move. It was really cool. I had forgotten about a lot of stuff that was inside. It must have been very funny to look at my suprised face when I pulled out all the vintage bags I couldn't remeber. Still have to figure out where I am going to put all the bags.
Boyfriend let me have the little room upstairs for my clothes.(till they are going to knock through the wall to make some more space and a real bathroom... )  It is already to small and boyfriend was in chock over the amount of clothes that were in there. He is guilty of it to. Sometimes he finds a gorgeous dress or coat for me.... And most of the shirts hanging in front came from his old shop. It is not all vintage. I came across some of my lovely vintage coats and I had to try them on in front of the mirror. And then my little problem came along.... It wouldn't close. My bum has grown a bit...... So it is a big bum problem. Tryed on some of the dresses.... The got stuck at the bum.... Now I really have to lose some weight or sell my clothes..... We just walked the dogs for half an hour.... Maybe I've lost one pound or so... ;) I think I have to cook more veggie's with rice instead of yummie pasta's. Really hope that I will lose a few pounds. And on my bum! Not that I will lose my girls.... ;D
Here a few photo's from my little crowded room..... Remember, I took a lot of years to build this collection. :)
These are a few of my favorite dresses. It all started with the black one.......
And now I am going to go what my sweety's already doing all day...
Have a wonderfull day my loves! And a warm welcome to my sweet new followers.
Hugs and kissis,

maandag 22 oktober 2012

To fur or not to fur.....

Yes, found some time for blogging!
I'am having a day off. Had a dentist appointment this morning and I got the rest of the day time for doing all the stuff that I couldn't do this weekend. We had visitors from friday-afternoon till sunday-evening. We had a great time.
Not so great... our neighbour died.... He wasn't that old, but he was sick. He was the first person we got to know in the new street. It was nice to know him.
At the funeral one off his friends showed up with his oldtimer. I think I was droling a bit....
So meet the new Bond-girl! With the 007 car. A real DB5. Sorry for the happy face at a funeral... :s
But now here my little problem. Last week when we went to pick up the new car (it's to ugly for a photo so we will wait till hubby pimped it up a bit) and I found a great 60ties/seventies coat in new condition, in a charity-shop close to France..... (It was an awfull long drive) But now there is a big piece of fur on the collar. I will never buy new coats and stuff with fur on it. But now on this vintage coat.....It is almost 50 years old. And I really don't know what kind of fur it is. Shall I take it off or not??? What would you do?
Now I am going back outside. The weather is freaking hot for the time off the year. I am wearing a hot summer day dress. :)  Gonna do some quality time with the doggie's.
Hugs and love to everyone! xx

zondag 7 oktober 2012


Honey, I've think I bought something cool. :) Showed it to hubby and he liked it also. Thank god.
I really was looking for something else. But then I came across this little photo of a fish-bowl-tower and I had to push the button for a good look at it. It was a storage-tower or and old candy-tower from a shop or a fish-bowl-tower. It wasn't what I was looking for, but I liked it. I put in an offer and I got mail back that it was oke. :D So we went to pick it up after work. My bubble tower. Now it is standing in my craftroom and I think I will fill it up with uhmmmm craft-thingy's or so...... Really didn't have a plan for it, I just liked it so much. Already put some gloves in one bowl. Yeah.
Isn't it cute?

The last two weeks were very busy weeks. Not only at work, but also at home. I worked on the tikibar and got a topper for it. Yesterday we got the right glue for it and will have it finished on friday. (prommissed myself) Also went to a great fleamarket and bought to much stuff. Some chairs for the garden and some cabinets. Thank god mom went with us in her own car.  We put everthing that didn't fit in hers. :)
My best find is my new old purse.
I love this one and cann't wait to use it.

Today was a lovely day. Hubby went to check on a car and I was staying home. A great day to do some house-cleaning without hubby standing in every place I try to vacuum or swipe.... In between I tried my coockingskills and made plum pie. It is delicious with some hot cream-punch. Now it is getting colder I love to drink a German gluhwein or hot cream-punch.
I was only a bit short on the crumble....... But it still was yum!

Hubby bought an other car. More of that next week when it is here. We needed a second daily and so one of the others had to go. We choose to let go of the Pacer. We didn't drive it a lot. It run on gasoline while the other cars drive on LPG. Much cheaper for the long distance to my job. Last week they pick it up and it got a good home now. Here is the last photo of me and the Pacer before it went to Amsterdam....
That is not a real smile, I had to put up a happy face for the photo. I miss our little buddy. :(
Ow and I love my seventies coat. It is big and warm. I could wear it all day!
I hope you love's all have a lovely week!
Hughs and kissis! :)

zondag 23 september 2012


I am a weekendblogger. It is amazing to see how some off you post a blog everyday. I wished I've had the time. During the week I have to get up at 5 in the morning, walk the little doggie's and go to work. We carpool.... But this means I have to stay longer for an hour and I am glad when I am back home at 6 in the evening. I have a few hours left for making (or getting) diner and do some stuff around the house. When it is fryday I am so glad! Mostly I try to do the house-cleaning in the evening when I get back from work so I have the weekend to do other things. It didn't work out this week. So we stayed at home and did all the things we still had to do. Best thing I've worked on is the fifties tikibar. We bought it not long after we moved into the house. It needed some real TLC. It had been standing outside for a while and the top was almost gone. I already started sanding it a few months ago. Today I finished the sanding and put some paint on it. You still see that it suffered from rain, but it looks better now. This week I will fill up the top with some new wood and than figure out what to do with it. Paint it or so..... The dark fabric on the chairs (or how you name them) is now brown and I have some gorgeous leopard-print for that. I hope to finish it soon, it is getting cold outside....... :s

On the last photo the paint is drying. I cann't wait to put it inside.
And please Mary-Lou, you won the price, please send me a message. See the other post. :)
xxxx Have a wonderfull week!

zaterdag 15 september 2012

Big, bigger, biggest..... :D

It was a very very busy week. But a great week. I've worked long days. That was not so great.
On saturday we finnaly had the pleasure to meet the Canadian wife of one of hubby's friends. She was gorgeous! Best thing was that has a doggie that looks a lot like our Lola, and also is named Lola. :) It was so nice to see them together.
Before that we went to a bootsale in Belgium. They told us there were 450 sellers but when we got there it was about 800. I've been to big bootsale's but this was really Tha Bomb!
Please don't paye attention to the way I look. We had to get up early and already spent a few hours and miles at the bootsale.
My feet are killing me....
How sweet are these... <3 Came home with me for 3 euro. A bit to big.....
Found a lot of vintage dresses and one woman was selling "new" sixties and seventies vintage boots. She got them from a store that was bankrupt. Shoes that old and never walked one.... I bought 8 pair for 28 euro. I was soooo happy. But my most beautyfull thing was the coat. It is problebly from the sixties and also new condition. It smelled like old lady's perfume and mothballs but in such a good condition. It was 18 euro and not much for such a great coat. Normaly I don't spent more then 10 euro for a piece of clothing but this was a  bit exception. 

And now taaataaataaaaataaaaaaaa, the big winner! Hubby picked one of the names. So when you are not on it, blame him. 

So please Mary Lou, will you send me your adress in a mail? Please to devil-made-in-heaven@hotmail.com
I also will include a pair of vintage gloves. They are so cute, but I already have to much....
Thanks for stopping by. Tomorrow I will pop by everybody. :D

dinsdag 4 september 2012

My little family

I still haven't introduce you to my family.
We don't have any children but we have a few furry kiddy's.
Two kittycat's who both where found on the street by me and my ex.
They were still kittens when they came into my little family. I just don't understand people who put such sweety's on the street..... Sierra, who loves to spent most of her time in bed. :) (analoog photo)

Dodge who sometime's thinks she is a dog... Loved the doggy-ride. 
 Our two little doggie's. 
Flos (the fluffy one) who I got from some customers in the cafe I used to work.
And petit Lola who I found running against the motorway. Stopped the car and went after her. I had to run hard to get to her... Later one some motorway-traffic controller stopped behind me and helped me. I called the police and the dogshelter. Some loser left a nest of puppy's behind in the woods close to the motorway. 2 of those doggie's were already in the shelter an a week later they found nr. 4. Alive and barking, thank god. Because of the fact that there were a lot of doggie's in the shelter and Lola already stole my heart, I kept her.
Because they go with us on every holiday, we bought them a doggy-ride. It is very handy! 
Lazy sunday-afternoon...
Taking Lola home with me, was the best thing I ever could do. Flos and Lola are inseparable from day 1.
And now our big one..... We adopted my dads shepherd dog. Duko. He is now 2 years old and still in puberty.... He is a great dog, only watering flowers is a bit of a problem when he is around... :) And he loses a lot of fur......

So now you have met my little furry family. :) 
Hope you enjoyed it. 
Saturday I will pull a winner for the broche out of the box. 
Take care! xx


vrijdag 24 augustus 2012

Clairy Browne

Since the first time that I've seen and heard this lady in a Heineken commercial I fell in love with her and her voice. She reminds me a little bit of Amy Winehouse. The big hair, the make-up..... But thank god for her curves. :)
And I just wanted to share her with you... Enjoy! x

zondag 19 augustus 2012

Sorry that I was away so long...... and a little give-away for my dears.

Hello my dears....
Sorry that I was away for so long. My dad's death was harder for me then I ever could emagine. I felt (and still feel) very sad and wasn't in the mood for blogging. Now I start to accept it more and more. First I thought to quit blogging, but now I am in the mood again!
Last months we worked hard on the house to make our own place.
We also had a bit time for carbootsale's and flea-markets. One off my best finds ever are 3 pair vintage seventies shoes in good condition and my size! <3
And now the long time promissed give away for my dear readers who didn't leave me.......
A camee broche. It is new but has this great vintage look. (I have one for myself)
When you would love to have this beauty, just leave a little message and in about two weeks I will pick a "winner".
It is not that red..... :s (love my new phone with new apps. :D )
Thanks sweety's and have a lovely week!
Will pop at your blog soon!