dinsdag 30 oktober 2012

I have a little problem... or is it a big problem...

I am not feeling well lately. Not that I am sick, but I miss my dad more then ever. Never took the time to grief or mourn. Now I am getting help with it, and I have some lovely and great friends around me.
I will be oke soon! 
I have to stay busy to keep my mind on other things so last weekend I unpacked the last boxes since the move. It was really cool. I had forgotten about a lot of stuff that was inside. It must have been very funny to look at my suprised face when I pulled out all the vintage bags I couldn't remeber. Still have to figure out where I am going to put all the bags.
Boyfriend let me have the little room upstairs for my clothes.(till they are going to knock through the wall to make some more space and a real bathroom... )  It is already to small and boyfriend was in chock over the amount of clothes that were in there. He is guilty of it to. Sometimes he finds a gorgeous dress or coat for me.... And most of the shirts hanging in front came from his old shop. It is not all vintage. I came across some of my lovely vintage coats and I had to try them on in front of the mirror. And then my little problem came along.... It wouldn't close. My bum has grown a bit...... So it is a big bum problem. Tryed on some of the dresses.... The got stuck at the bum.... Now I really have to lose some weight or sell my clothes..... We just walked the dogs for half an hour.... Maybe I've lost one pound or so... ;) I think I have to cook more veggie's with rice instead of yummie pasta's. Really hope that I will lose a few pounds. And on my bum! Not that I will lose my girls.... ;D
Here a few photo's from my little crowded room..... Remember, I took a lot of years to build this collection. :)
These are a few of my favorite dresses. It all started with the black one.......
And now I am going to go what my sweety's already doing all day...
Have a wonderfull day my loves! And a warm welcome to my sweet new followers.
Hugs and kissis,

maandag 22 oktober 2012

To fur or not to fur.....

Yes, found some time for blogging!
I'am having a day off. Had a dentist appointment this morning and I got the rest of the day time for doing all the stuff that I couldn't do this weekend. We had visitors from friday-afternoon till sunday-evening. We had a great time.
Not so great... our neighbour died.... He wasn't that old, but he was sick. He was the first person we got to know in the new street. It was nice to know him.
At the funeral one off his friends showed up with his oldtimer. I think I was droling a bit....
So meet the new Bond-girl! With the 007 car. A real DB5. Sorry for the happy face at a funeral... :s
But now here my little problem. Last week when we went to pick up the new car (it's to ugly for a photo so we will wait till hubby pimped it up a bit) and I found a great 60ties/seventies coat in new condition, in a charity-shop close to France..... (It was an awfull long drive) But now there is a big piece of fur on the collar. I will never buy new coats and stuff with fur on it. But now on this vintage coat.....It is almost 50 years old. And I really don't know what kind of fur it is. Shall I take it off or not??? What would you do?
Now I am going back outside. The weather is freaking hot for the time off the year. I am wearing a hot summer day dress. :)  Gonna do some quality time with the doggie's.
Hugs and love to everyone! xx

zondag 7 oktober 2012


Honey, I've think I bought something cool. :) Showed it to hubby and he liked it also. Thank god.
I really was looking for something else. But then I came across this little photo of a fish-bowl-tower and I had to push the button for a good look at it. It was a storage-tower or and old candy-tower from a shop or a fish-bowl-tower. It wasn't what I was looking for, but I liked it. I put in an offer and I got mail back that it was oke. :D So we went to pick it up after work. My bubble tower. Now it is standing in my craftroom and I think I will fill it up with uhmmmm craft-thingy's or so...... Really didn't have a plan for it, I just liked it so much. Already put some gloves in one bowl. Yeah.
Isn't it cute?

The last two weeks were very busy weeks. Not only at work, but also at home. I worked on the tikibar and got a topper for it. Yesterday we got the right glue for it and will have it finished on friday. (prommissed myself) Also went to a great fleamarket and bought to much stuff. Some chairs for the garden and some cabinets. Thank god mom went with us in her own car.  We put everthing that didn't fit in hers. :)
My best find is my new old purse.
I love this one and cann't wait to use it.

Today was a lovely day. Hubby went to check on a car and I was staying home. A great day to do some house-cleaning without hubby standing in every place I try to vacuum or swipe.... In between I tried my coockingskills and made plum pie. It is delicious with some hot cream-punch. Now it is getting colder I love to drink a German gluhwein or hot cream-punch.
I was only a bit short on the crumble....... But it still was yum!

Hubby bought an other car. More of that next week when it is here. We needed a second daily and so one of the others had to go. We choose to let go of the Pacer. We didn't drive it a lot. It run on gasoline while the other cars drive on LPG. Much cheaper for the long distance to my job. Last week they pick it up and it got a good home now. Here is the last photo of me and the Pacer before it went to Amsterdam....
That is not a real smile, I had to put up a happy face for the photo. I miss our little buddy. :(
Ow and I love my seventies coat. It is big and warm. I could wear it all day!
I hope you love's all have a lovely week!
Hughs and kissis! :)