zondag 4 maart 2012

The house... A little piece off the outside.

Finally the weather is getting better, and we can go clean up the outside of the house. The inside also needs a lot of work, but now the garden needs some tlc before the spring comes.
We already pulled down some trees and bushes that where to big or to old. The pond is a big mess, a piece off a tree is lying in it. I've already cleaned out the pavilion. There was a lot of junk in it. Now still a bit of it is on the grass. It will be tiki-style when it is finished. (Think it is going to take a long time.... ) We are planning to plant some more fruit-trees on the field behind the barn. The outside sheds for the cars need a new roof. So I don't think I will get bored overhere. We also got a new family-member. More off him later.
Tomorrow I get some clothing-racks for all my vintage stuff. My old wardrobe doesn't fit in our new room upstairs. The room is big enought but because of the slanting ceiling.... :( Happy fact is that the racks can handle more dresses. :D So this week I will be able to unpack my clothes. Yeah.
When the boxes are unpacked I hope to find all my stuff again, and I will do the promissed give-away for my beloved readers who stayed with me all this time.
Now a few photo's of the outside.
The last one is the biggest mess. I hope it will turn into a little paradise soon. :D