dinsdag 29 maart 2011

Time to say goodbey...

I have to much clothes, shoes and bags... Every week I find new things for my collection. The only problem is that we aren't living in a big castle, but in a little countryhouse. So sometimes I have to sell some pieces of my beloved collection to make room for new pieces.
These beauty's are now for sale, and there is more coming up the next weeks....
Gorgeous flowerdress, size 44
Beautyfull and colorfull vintage dressing-gown

Great shopper or big handbag

And more stuff wich you can see when you click on the link on the right side. The vintage clothes that don't fit me....

maandag 28 maart 2011

A good score....

As I told you already in my intro....I love fleamarkets!
Yesterday we've had a very lazy sunday. Nothing in the agenda, so we could spend our day just the way we wanted... And there was a big carboot-sale at the Geffense Plas.
There were about 200 sellers! The sun was shining, so it was really perfect! This was heaven on earth for me. At least I thought for a little moment.  There were many traders and people who were really trying so sell junk that even the dump wouldn't take. Some of them asked the grand prize for their old stuff. In the shops you would get it even cheaper..... First I found a new book by Stephen King for only 4 euro. And a little card with a painting of Betty Boop. A great vintage bag for my ice-skates and a cool sixties handbag.
And there it was....The dress. I was love at first sight... Drooling... I passed it, walked back.... Asked for the price... It was cheap.... More drooling.... It was really an old one and I got it really cheap. When I was waiting for my change I was looking next to me.... Shoes..... Very cool shoes.... My foot was already slipping in one of them.... It fits.... Ow nice..... And also very cheap!
My "new" dress....
My sweet shoes                              
 I am so happy with that dress! When we went back to our car I found a last great item. Nah, it were three pair.... Some very cool old-fashioned high heels!
Me is so happy now. :D

Tomorrow I will post some of my great dresses who unfortunately don't fit me and I have to let them go...

Sweet dreams!

zaterdag 26 maart 2011


Hello to everybody who will read this.

I am not new in bloggersworld, only new on blogspot.
I left my old blog, but came to the conclusion that I still wanted to continue. Only not on my old one...
So here I am.

My age is not importent, I feel like 25.
I have a few addictions...
Photo's, I love to take photo's and collect old cam's.
I love to walk around at flea markets, secondhand shops and vintagestores. 
I love vintage things like clothes, shoes and gadgets. 
I also love my boyfriend.
My two cats, Dodge and Sierra.
And not forget my two doggie's, Flos and Lola.
Even though I am a real woman who loves to dress up, I do have a technical profession and I love technology.
I combine my love for technology and vintage in my biggest hobby..... My cars.....
Together with my boyfriend I am the proud owner of two great American fifties cars.
My summer-daily....The lovely '58 Pontiac Chieftain de Luxe.

And the project... My sweet love with the big wings... The '57 Dodge Custom Royal...
Jup, he is a real project. I am trying to do most of the work myself..... My boyfriend has his own project so this is all mine.... :D

So, that's enough for today. :)
Have a great evening and maybe I see you later...