zaterdag 27 augustus 2011

The Dodge....

Holidays are over and I am back at work for a week now. Holidays are to short! I love my job, but I love holidays more... :)
Overhere the weather is so nasty. It is raining now for days. This afternoon the camper-unit is going to his winter-sleeping-place so we can use the pick-up again as a regular car. I've made some photo's this morning. We were making it ready to go, so it is a bit messy and all the lovely things like my fake-flowers are already in storage. It is still not finished yet. We have some more idea's, but we will wait till next spring to do it.
Here we go.
The Dodge W200 with V8 SmallBlock.

The Kitchen
The shower, and there is also a toilet and sink.
When boyfriend sold the Hobby 600 (also a camper) I really could cry, till he showed me this unit. It is 40 years old, almost as old as the Dodge. From the outside it looks a bit crappy, but I love the inside. We are trying to give it a little bit of a tiki-style, but we aren't finished yet. Now we also can go in style to meetings. :)
Next time a bit about meetings....

vrijdag 19 augustus 2011

It's been a while.......

Ow I know, it has been to long time since my last post.... A lot happened and we have been very busy with looking for another house, our cars and meetings, spending time with lovely friends, enjoying our holidays and sadly spending time with my beloved dad who's cancer came back. Last year he got non-hodgkins and thanks to chemo he got better but now it came back and he is back on chemo. We have good hope....
Yes, we also did some vintage hunting and we brought back a lot of stuff to our house. That's one of the reasons why we are looking for a bigger house. :) We also need more space for our cars. Now we found one that could be perfect for us, and we are going to try to buy it. This is also why I am "cleaning" up my house and sell the things I don't use anymore.
I am also going to sell a lot of my vintage clothing. Dresses, shoes, bags, thingy's...... I will keep you posted, or check my Marktplaats. My sellings
Our holliday was great. We went to France (again) and did the Normandie-tour. It was the first time we went with the pick-up. Last year boyfriend sold our camper and bought a camper-unit for the pick-up.

I know, it doesn't look that great from the outside. But the inside is cool! Next time I will post photo's of the inside. We had a lot of thumb's up when we were on the road. Next time a holliday special!
That's all for now.