donderdag 29 september 2011

A fast one. :)

I am sorry that I didn't stop by your blogs lately but I (we) have a good excuse for it.
We are trying to buy a house.....
Before we went on holiday it came on sale. We went looking at it when we came back, and it was just the right place for us.
So we made an offer and they said yes (after a day) and now we are looking for a good mortgage. We have some-one who is checking everything for us.
It is a very exciting time for us. When everything goes right we can move in before X-mas. :)
I am happy, but also very stressy.

That's all for now, and next time I will stop by again and I will also show you my new coat. ;D

dinsdag 13 september 2011

Food addict....

Jep I am a food addict. I love to cook and bake and when we are having friends over for diner I am cooking from the early morning till diner time. I love to make cupcake's (cinnamon swirls are my favorite), creme brulee, canneloni... But I also love to eat. So over the years I put on some weight. Not that it was a big problem. For 27 years I was really skinny, size less then zero, but I could eat everything without getting bigger. I was really glad when I finally got some curves.
But now I am having a big problem with my feet and back. Yesterday I went to see the doctor and now I have to go to physiotherapy and I have to lose a lot of weight..... I know I know there are much worser things and it isn't the end of the world, but it is going to be hard for a food addict like me. So now you will have read about me and my food-addiction and trying to lose weight also. Poor you. :)
But also a bit good news. We went to a carboot-sale on sunday and I found some love things.

My colorfull seventies sewwingbox
New stuff for my collection
A beautifull sixties coat, on button is in the pocket and I need to sew it back on
A fifties tray
And a gorgeous art deco umbrella stand

Sorry for the bad phone-photo's.... :(
And I would love to welcome my new followers. :)
Thanks for being a follower.

That's all for today!! Have a wonderfull day!

woensdag 7 september 2011

About (not so girlie) Cars and Meetings.

Since I was a young girl I am in love with cars. Not the modern one's, although I really love my Volvo....
I bought my first car even without having a driving-licence. It was a Ford Capri. Actually I still own 2 Capri's now.... And both of the baby's need work before hitting the road again.
When I met boyfriend my dream of owning an American became reality. Boyfriend already had one, and he also owned and sold a lot of beauty's. On this moment we have 5 "stayers" and 3 "come and gone'rs".
I love the sound of the V8's and feel the power when you hit the pedal. I am a pedal to the metal girl. ;)
What I also love are the meetings. The Custom Culture meetings. The RockaBilly meetings. The regular car-meetings. There is so much to see, boys and girls all dressed up. Beautifull cars. The stalls that are selling great dresses and stuff. But now, the summer is coming to an end and so is the meeting season.... I will miss the cars and people. But now maybe I will find some time to work on my sweet project. :)

Me and our 1958 Plymouth Fury Suburban with the famous Christine nose.
Photo made by our great friend. Matthijs Dijk
Our 1958 Pontiac Chieftain DeLuxe, who was my daily last year.

My "project" a 1957 Dodge Custom Royal
It still needs a lot of work..... :(  But now I have a pair of Fins!

This is the 1953 Plymouth Cranbrook who was my first American Car. 
I bought it from our good friend Ton and with boyfriend as co-owner.
It was standing in a barn for over 13 years when we saved it.
On this photo she is back on the road for the first time, after more then 13 years and a lot of love and work.
I traded her last year for the Dodge. She is now used for wedding car.

Bad Iphone shots from Bottrop Custom Kulture.

And a funny one from Matthijs Dijk

Sweet kisses to all! ;)

zondag 4 september 2011

I need more space....

A nice busy week. Our doggie, Flos, needed an operation so it wasn't a good start of the week. Flos is already better now, thank God.
We went to check houses and revisited another one who we like very much.... So it is getting a bit more seriously now.
I was nice to relax a little bit at a bootsale. :)
Found some lovely items.
Today there was a bootsale at our place and we went to it. I was looking for a "longneckhead" (don't know how to call them) for a long while now and I gave up hope to find one that was in my budget. And there they were..... Two off them..... My first thought was that they might be to expensive... But these were so cheap!!! For 8.50 euro I bought them both, and now I am the proud owner of 2 longneckheads from the seventies. :)
I only don't know yet where to put them.
Also found this wonderfull and complete dressingtable-set.
And I got such a sweet gift from a wonderfull lady... I don't know her name but I see her often on bootsale's. She is always selling the most gorgeous things for great prices. Now she had a lovely vintage purse and she gave it to me as a present, because I already bought so much of her stuff. I love this woman! Next time I will make a photo of us both. She is such a great and beautifull lady.

My funny-shopping-bag! I couldn't resist it..... It was just to funny!
And my coat-collection grew a little.....
Not vintage but ow so beautifull....

Did I already mention that my great boyfriend owned his own vintages-shop and knows a lot about vintage items? He is a good help in my vintage huntings. So with this coat. First I thought it was a new one. It is in such a good state, but the sewing was different then it is done now. There is horse-hair in the collar. It is from the 1940ties/1950ties. But in such a good condition, and warm in the winter!

And the last coat is from the sixties and looks great with a belt. Now I really cann't wait till its winter. :D
That's all for today. Have a nice evening/day!