zondag 9 december 2012

Seems like forever....

Ow, it seems like forever since my last blog. I am sorry that I didn't pop by yours this week. :(
Last weekend was a weekend full of visits from and to sweet people, getting the house ready for christmas, workmen, who came to place a second wood stove (this is in hubby's office next to my craftroom and it is so yummie warm now) and offcourse we went to Amsterdam to see shock-rockers, Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson. I went for Rob Zombie and what a trill it was when he suddenly popped up right next to me! Almost fainted..... :)
This weekend was a nice one. We've had snow! It was so great to walk the dogs and enjoy the snow. We paid a visit to some local triftstore's and I found some lovely dresses who are in the washing machine now. Spend an evening at best friend Sjak's place, and this morning we went to a fleamarket in Belgium. Found a vintage ice-chrusher for the tikibar. :) (photos follow soon) An amazing weekend!
Also found an amazing pair of shoes on the internet... Couldn't resist them...
X-mas in the house
Catzilla destroing my kitsch village.... :s
And our garden in the snow. (I think it looks sweet but I love it more with sun and flowers.....)

Sorry that it is a short one today, but I really am a bit tyred today. I will pop by everbody later.
Big hugs and kissis! xxxx