zaterdag 22 oktober 2011

Our house in the middle of the street, our house... :)

Yes, Yes, Yes, finnaly we got the last and final yes from our bank.
I almost couldn't eat and yesterday I got early home from work because I was so nervous. Yesterday was the longest day of my live. After a few calls we got the final email with the big YES. I don't think I felt ever so happy.
The first time I bought a house was 14 years ago when I was 22. It was so easy then. Now it is much harder to get a yes from the bank. The house we are now going to buy has been empty for about 6 years. The people who owned the house before did a lot of work on it, but they never lived in it.  We also have to do a lot of work, but we don't mind. Now we have a lot of space for us, for our cats, our doggies and our cars. In about 5 weeks we will sign the papers and get the keys and then the big move will start. :)
Here is a little sneak-preview. Photo's are from the website where it was on for sale.
Now we are going to get some boxes and start packing.

dinsdag 18 oktober 2011

Nervous wreck!

I became a nervous wreck the last weeks. I almost don't have any time to surf the internet. I am checking my email on my phone. The house we are trying to buy is a ten minute drive from my parents house, but an hour and a half from where we are living now. So we spend a lot of time in the car driving to the house selling people and the mortgage people. Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow we will get the final yes or no from the bank. And I so nervous..... My hands are shaking and sometimes it feels just like I cann't breath anymore.
And I am so sorry that I didn't stop by you all lately. I am going to make it good by doing a give away soon. :)
Big hug to all of you and when we get an answer from the bank I will let you know!