zondag 23 september 2012


I am a weekendblogger. It is amazing to see how some off you post a blog everyday. I wished I've had the time. During the week I have to get up at 5 in the morning, walk the little doggie's and go to work. We carpool.... But this means I have to stay longer for an hour and I am glad when I am back home at 6 in the evening. I have a few hours left for making (or getting) diner and do some stuff around the house. When it is fryday I am so glad! Mostly I try to do the house-cleaning in the evening when I get back from work so I have the weekend to do other things. It didn't work out this week. So we stayed at home and did all the things we still had to do. Best thing I've worked on is the fifties tikibar. We bought it not long after we moved into the house. It needed some real TLC. It had been standing outside for a while and the top was almost gone. I already started sanding it a few months ago. Today I finished the sanding and put some paint on it. You still see that it suffered from rain, but it looks better now. This week I will fill up the top with some new wood and than figure out what to do with it. Paint it or so..... The dark fabric on the chairs (or how you name them) is now brown and I have some gorgeous leopard-print for that. I hope to finish it soon, it is getting cold outside....... :s

On the last photo the paint is drying. I cann't wait to put it inside.
And please Mary-Lou, you won the price, please send me a message. See the other post. :)
xxxx Have a wonderfull week!

zaterdag 15 september 2012

Big, bigger, biggest..... :D

It was a very very busy week. But a great week. I've worked long days. That was not so great.
On saturday we finnaly had the pleasure to meet the Canadian wife of one of hubby's friends. She was gorgeous! Best thing was that has a doggie that looks a lot like our Lola, and also is named Lola. :) It was so nice to see them together.
Before that we went to a bootsale in Belgium. They told us there were 450 sellers but when we got there it was about 800. I've been to big bootsale's but this was really Tha Bomb!
Please don't paye attention to the way I look. We had to get up early and already spent a few hours and miles at the bootsale.
My feet are killing me....
How sweet are these... <3 Came home with me for 3 euro. A bit to big.....
Found a lot of vintage dresses and one woman was selling "new" sixties and seventies vintage boots. She got them from a store that was bankrupt. Shoes that old and never walked one.... I bought 8 pair for 28 euro. I was soooo happy. But my most beautyfull thing was the coat. It is problebly from the sixties and also new condition. It smelled like old lady's perfume and mothballs but in such a good condition. It was 18 euro and not much for such a great coat. Normaly I don't spent more then 10 euro for a piece of clothing but this was a  bit exception. 

And now taaataaataaaaataaaaaaaa, the big winner! Hubby picked one of the names. So when you are not on it, blame him. 

So please Mary Lou, will you send me your adress in a mail? Please to devil-made-in-heaven@hotmail.com
I also will include a pair of vintage gloves. They are so cute, but I already have to much....
Thanks for stopping by. Tomorrow I will pop by everybody. :D

dinsdag 4 september 2012

My little family

I still haven't introduce you to my family.
We don't have any children but we have a few furry kiddy's.
Two kittycat's who both where found on the street by me and my ex.
They were still kittens when they came into my little family. I just don't understand people who put such sweety's on the street..... Sierra, who loves to spent most of her time in bed. :) (analoog photo)

Dodge who sometime's thinks she is a dog... Loved the doggy-ride. 
 Our two little doggie's. 
Flos (the fluffy one) who I got from some customers in the cafe I used to work.
And petit Lola who I found running against the motorway. Stopped the car and went after her. I had to run hard to get to her... Later one some motorway-traffic controller stopped behind me and helped me. I called the police and the dogshelter. Some loser left a nest of puppy's behind in the woods close to the motorway. 2 of those doggie's were already in the shelter an a week later they found nr. 4. Alive and barking, thank god. Because of the fact that there were a lot of doggie's in the shelter and Lola already stole my heart, I kept her.
Because they go with us on every holiday, we bought them a doggy-ride. It is very handy! 
Lazy sunday-afternoon...
Taking Lola home with me, was the best thing I ever could do. Flos and Lola are inseparable from day 1.
And now our big one..... We adopted my dads shepherd dog. Duko. He is now 2 years old and still in puberty.... He is a great dog, only watering flowers is a bit of a problem when he is around... :) And he loses a lot of fur......

So now you have met my little furry family. :) 
Hope you enjoyed it. 
Saturday I will pull a winner for the broche out of the box. 
Take care! xx