donderdag 28 maart 2013

The livingroom....

This blog is for the livingroom. It is still not finished. We have to paint the walls, but still not decided wich color it is going to be.
About 15 years ago there were cows living in our room. It is a piece of the former cow-stable. I don't mind. It is now a lovely room with a lot of space. So here a few pics of our livingroom.

Starting with the gorgeous roses I've got from hubby.... Thanks hub!
I collect old glass. Our windows are pretty high and small and the glass is lovely when the sun shines through it. Only thing missing now is the sun.....
Our tiki-bar corner. Still no cocktailweather, but with the heating on.... :D I adore this little bar, and love to dress it up with vintage glasses. (I was afraid to share a behind the bar photo)
This is an old pharmacist cabinet, stuffed with some lovely 50/60/70ties pieces. I am looking for a 60ties glass cabinet to put my stuff in, but still not found one. 
Old stuff. The little car is from 1933 and I got this a few weeks ago from an old man. Thought it looked funny with the big old ship's fan.
I love this one. It was custom made for a grocery shop about 50 years ago, but they never picked it up. We bought it for the carpenters widow, because she was moving out. It has been on an attic for over 30 years. Now it is our storage space..... :)
A lovely place to watch some television. Chair is from the fifties and the smokingthingy from the 30ties.
50ties plates and a 30ties handpainted flowerpot, standing in the window.
These guys are older then I am, but still funny.

 The big table in the living room. This one is from an old resturant and the chairs are so soft. I can spent hours on this table, having dinerparty's or just reading an book.
I collect vintage camera's, and we found an old bakery's pie cabinet to put a few of them in. I still use them. Photo's are on my flickr site.
So this is a piece of our livingroom. Forgot my hanging-out sofa.... Maybe next time.
Next time I will give you a little tour in our office/craftrooms. :)
Hope you enjoyed the tour.
Hugs and kissis!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Gorgeous! I love old glass and the display cabinets are something I dream of finding. Love that chair, too.
    Aren't you lucky to be given such beautiful flowers? xxx

  2. I'm really enjoying having a peek into your home!
    The glass display cabinets are heavenly,and I SWOON for your tiki bar!!! How fabulous! So many wonderful details, thank you so much for sharing! XXX

  3. Your living room is not just pretty but it is unique thanks to all those vintage things that you collected. It was indeed interesting to have a look at :)

  4. oh my god i love your living room! especially the tiki bar corner, i can see it clearly in my mind, how amazing it will be to have some delicious cocktails there;)
    happy easter lovely!

  5. Thank you for your lovely comment! Keep in touch! :)

  6. Ik ben verliefd op je woonkamer! Wat een geweldige spullen, en die ruimte...Ik kan niet wachten om meer te zien. xx