zondag 27 januari 2013

Roses are red, the weekends are to short....

Hubby surprised me this morning with a big bouquet of roses. Today we are having our first wedding anniversery. :) And we are still happy together. ;)
I've stolen his facebook-profile photo. It is an old one. Made by The Pixeleye. It was at I believe Saints and Sinners in Belgium. Best part was that Ruud, a good friend of Marcel, who is normaly living in Canada sent Marcel a mail with the question if we were at a hotrod-show. We made the Hotrod-Rebelz magazine in America/Canada. :D  Don't we look cute. ;)
This weekend is way to short. So many things to do, so little time. I really go work harder to find another job, which gives me some more time to spent on other things.
On friday, hubby picked me up from my work and we went to a trift-store close to my job. I found some nice bowls and cookingbooks and I started to go to the cash desk when hubby called me back to the clothes....
There was an extreme creepy bag lying in one of the display-cabinets. I was afraid to touch it. But it was very old. Maybe 30ties.... or 20ties..... But I collect them and this was a one time chance for a very cheap price.... Meet my little crocodile-bag..... It still got his teeth and is now standing in our cabinet. :)
And yes I know it isn't nice to make a bag out of an animal, but this was a 1 time chance..... So please forgive me. I'm a big animal lover!
 That same day, hubbie showed me a photo of a hairdressers table. From the 40ties. It was standing on a sale-site in Belgium. Hubbie had made an offer long time ago and already forgot about it, when he recieved a mail from the guy. It was oke and we could pick it up. So yesterday we went to pick it up. We had to drive 2 time's because it did't fit in the car. Photo is from hubbie's facebook. I was standing in the back holding the above thingy on the table. This baby will come in our new bedroom someday..... I hope.....
Now we are going to enjoy our afternoon with sweetiepie's Kirsten and Walter. We didn't see them in a long time. (But thanks to facebook we kept in contact) We are going to have some home-made veggie canneloni and creme brulee. Yum. But your really have to check out Kirsten's page. She is really one of the most sweetest people I've ever met and she sells beautifull jewelery.
Silly Charms
Hope you will enjoy it.
Hugs and Kissis and a wonderfull day for everybody! xx

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Happy Anniversary, darling!
    The handbag is creepy, but I love it! Better with someone like you who will respect it than left to rot, I feel.
    That hairdressers table is stunning!

  2. Happy Anniversary! What a lovely picture of the two of you.
    I've seen those bags before, often in display cabinets in Asian airports representing what not to bring back! I don't blame you for buying it, it's creepy but rather beautiful.
    That hairdresser's table is incredible, I'd die to own that! xxx

  3. oh happy happy anniversary darling! what an adorable picture of you 2!! you look so happy and cute together, oh and i love your sunnies too!

  4. happy anniversary to you both.
    to be true: most bags are made from animals ... even if they don't show it's head. every big flea market i end up in front of a bag just like your croco bag-find and i never felt like taking it home. but last summer i bought a belt buckle with a snake's head ... and it is totally creepy.