zondag 20 januari 2013

It's my party and I cry if I want to, cry if I want to...

No need to cry! I've had a lovely birthday!
The week started with snow! A lot of snow, to much snow. It was awfull to drive. It took us two and a half hour to get home from work. And we already don't have a lot of time in the evening because of our long working-days.... I was glad when it was thursday. It was my birthday! I had to work that day, and I really have some amazing colleague's. They made me a little crown and I didn't take it off till we got home. Hubby was a bit ashamed sitting next to me in the car. :) I didn't care. I was happy with my crown. 
It is not my real age..... but what doesn't know, doesn't care..... ;)
Hubby got me some real sweet presents. I love to cook and I got already some great cookbooks from him, but now I finally got A Vintage Tea Party. Such a lovely book. And he got some more fun cookbooks for me. 
I am big collecter and user of vintage photocamera's. And hubby found a lovely old tin can and sign from Agfa. It will fit perfectly in my collection. I love them. 
And I may pick some great pink plastic flamingo's for our the garden. There were to many differend kinds of flamingo's so we are going to choose together.
Because of the snow overhere I've bought myself a nice warm pair of vintage goat-hair boots. Already got a pair of black boots, but these were white and I could get them for a fair price.... So this was a nice present for myself. :) And so warm in the snow!
The party is in the summer, when we can have a lovely garden party with a bbq. Now only some good friends and family showed up saturday and it was lovely. 
On friday we went to Belgium to a guy who sells secondhand stuff. Hubby found a strange medical cabinet and I found some little girl dresses, who I couldn't leave behind..... How cute are they.....
And for now, I am going to enjoy our fire place in the living-room. It is cold and snowing outside and it feels like I am having the flu or so. But first a lovely photo of me and the doggie's this morning. Lola loves the snow and is running like hell in the snow. Flos hates it and rather stayed inside in front of the fire place, just like me. :)
Hugs and kissis!

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Gorgeous pictures, I love your doggies. I have a chihuahua. Wish we had snow here in Rome! Those boots are perfect for the cold weather.

  2. Darling, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
    How lovely to have a little crown! Princess for a day! G would have wanted one of his own!
    You got some lovely presents, I'm quite jealous of the cookbooks! I adore cookbooks!
    Those boots look perfect for your Winters.
    Love the photo, you look wonderfully wrapped up. Sweet dogs!

  3. Happy birthday so glad to hear you had a lovely day. Love your cookbooks to enjoy cooking from those. Your boots look so cosy and snug you certainly need those with all that snow around. Hugs, dee xx

  4. Happy Birthday! I love your crown, what fun work mates you have!
    I love the vintage camera equipment and the cookery books look wonderful. Hope that snow goes soon, we've got a heap falling right now, I hate it! x

  5. oh darling sorry i missed that i was your birthday:( so now happy happy belated birthday and may all your dreams come true!!! those boots you gifted to yourself are really amazing!